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An interactive material about Redge Media for Theatres - a video streaming platform for institutions of culture to extend their audience.

Redge Media for Theatres is a video streaming platform for institutions of culture to extend their audience. It combines online and offline realms. It offers additional content monetization in a hassle-free way.

It extends the audience of theatres, concert halls, music clubs, museums and other scenes of culture. A larger audience translates into more revenues from ticket sales but also the fulfilment of the culture-forming mission.

Redge Media for Theatres gives advanced control over the online publishing window. It also provides a place for supplementary information about the event, fostering the attention of the audience. It supports upselling soundtracks, videos, and accessories, as well as loyalty programs. All features contribute to the profitability of the scene.

Redge Media for Theatres does not require investment in technology or technology competence. It has a user-friendly Content Management System. It is provided as a product-technology service for stages, backed by an experienced team who shares know-how. The business model is based on partnership and is tailored to the specifics of a given institution of culture, including local government units.

Check Redge Media for Theatres in action at – the culture portal of a local government in Poland.

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Redge Media CDN expands to Czechia


Czechia is the next country in Europe where Redge Media CDN deploys its presence. The investment elevates the position of Redge Media on the CDN-as-a-service market in Czechia, Slovakia, Austria and southern Germany.

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