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The CEO of Redge Technologies talks to Broadband TV News about OTT market, security solutions and Redge Media Cloud DRM.

The CEO of Redge Technologies talks to Broadband TV News about OTT market, security solutions and Redge Media Cloud DRM.

The CEO of Redge Technologies talks to Broadband TV News about the CEE region OTT landscape and the most effective video security solutions.

Redge Technologies is the leading OTT technology provider in Poland. Your position enables you to shape the OTT landscape in the CEE Region. How do you perceive the market opportunities despite increasingly stronger competition and uncertain macroeconomics?

According to a Dataxis report, Poland is the driver of the OTT market in the CEE region with an estimated almost 8 million SVOD subscriptions in 2022. The Polish VOD market is strongly driven by local brands such as, TVP VOD, WP Pilot – delivered on the Redge Media Service Delivery Platform. To keep the fragmented market landscape and be able to win the attention of the consumer by providing a high-quality product a reliable white-label partner is essential. A strong white-label technology partner enables smaller players to compete for the budget and time of an increasingly demanding audience with global brands such as Netflix, HBO Max or Disney+. Solutions such as Redge Media can serve a fragmented market by offering a technically excellent OTT platform without forgetting cost-effectiveness. I think that this is the key to understanding the success of Redge Media in the OTT market.

The numbers speak for themselves. However, we know that the industry's profits are understated. The problem of illegal streaming is as old as the hills, yet still, the industry is dealing with the leaking profits due to digital piracy. Can current Redge Technologies endeavours provide the solution? 

The problem of piracy is much broader and resembles an arms race. We already operate several market-standard mechanisms that ensure content security – a multi-DRM solution and a session management module, but our key message here is “Beyond DRM”. In 2023 we plan to enrich our CDN solution with ML-based anomaly detection. Redge Technologies also has invested in Vestigit, a start-up which develops an innovative A/B content watermarking solution, which heavily utilises AI and edge computing. We believe that this approach is less invasive for a legal user providing an overall better user experience.

And still, on the DRM side, last year we have launched Redge Media Cloud DRM - an instant, self-cared, scalable, enterprise-grade solution for media companies wanting to secure video delivery with a multi-DRM solution.

DRM as-a-service is dedicated to a particular target group of clients?

The aim of this product is to provide an easy start to DRM operations in a fast and affordable manner. This is the perfect solution for developers deploying video services and looking for hassle-free DRM service as part of the development project. Redge Media Cloud DRM is our first self-service solution. It covers three major DRMs i.e., Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, and Apple FairPlay for all devices, including connected TVs and is backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Are there any geographical barriers?

None. Foremost, any company representative can register at and start using our solution. Its main advantages are easy-to-use API and a transparent pricing model based on licences issued per month. It can be launched in express time due to its cloud-native infrastructure. Currently, we observe the biggest interest from the APAC region.

What is the overall product strategy for the coming years? 

Our strategy is based on three pillars. The core pillar is based on the implementation and integration for broadcasters or operators, where it is necessary to build an end-to-end OTT solution.

The second pillar of the strategy is the development of our UX 3.0. vertical solutions dedicated to smaller entities with attractive content. We see the potential of verticals such as sports, news, culture, lifestyle.

The third pillar is the video cloud. In Redge Media Cloud we are aiming to provide the whole video processing and delivery chain in the API-based, self-provisioning model. We strongly believe in the edge computing paradigm, so our roadmap assumes development of a generic operator-tier edge cloud platform.

Redge Technologies has also had successes in the cybersecurity field itself, which is critical these days. Our Redge Guardian solution provides carrier-grade, multi-terabit deep packet inspection. It fits into our edge computing strategy, as well as into the telco ecosystem.

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