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Redge IT Internship

Join the #RedgeTeam and develop your career
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We are RedgeTeam

We are at the forefront of cyber security and video streaming solutions with deep roots in the world of technology. Part of the Play Group. Our areas of expertise include cloud technologies, UX/UI, high scalability, multimedia standards and low-level system development.

Areas where you can develop


As a Developer, you will drive the design, development and optimization of cutting-edge solutions. Use your expertise in C++, Python, Android, iOS, Java, JavaScript and React to build in-demand products with global impact, serving millions of users.


Application Tester

As an Application Tester at Redge, your role will be to meticulously inspect, analyze and improve our products. Your deft troubleshooting skills and relentless focus on refining technical intricacies will be instrumental in our ongoing goal to deliver solutions of unparalleled quality.


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Practical expertise.

Acquire cutting-edge skills.

Expert team.

Work with experienced mentors.

Hands-on projects.

Perform client development and implementation tasks.

Your IT Journey.

Become a creator, not just a participant, in your growth.

Empowering tools.

Work efficiently with access to the best equipment.

Future career.

Secure a place on our team after your internship

Read the stories of our trainees

The combination of flexible working hours, a positive team atmosphere, stimulating work topics and engaging team-building activities made an internship at Redge an attractive opportunity.

Mateusz Stączek

Intern at Research & Development Department

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In my role as a JAVA developer, I faced daily, persistent and highly complex problem-solving challenges. This experience not only highlighted my importance but also my significant impact on the application development process.

Bartosz Malec

Java intern at Online Applications Department

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You will definitely be introduced to technologies you have never been exposed to before, and you will learn what teamwork and working culture are like in a company dealing with very large projects.

Jędrzej Joniec

Java intern at Online Applications Department

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