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Redge Media is a complete technological platform for building Internet TV (OTT), intended for content providers and telecommunications operators. It includes products responsible for content delivery – CDN (Origin and Edge), Encoders, Multi-DRM solution and products responsible for content management – CMS, DAM (digital asset management), as well as applications for all relevant end devices. The platform is available in the cloud or in the implementation model.

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The technology behind
high scalability

Redge Guardian is a software operator-class solution for very efficient network traffic processing – at the level of 100 million packets per second on a single system node. The most important feature of Redge Guardian is its unique dataplane architecture. Redge Guardian’s applications are primarily DPI (deep packet inspection), mitigation of volumetric DDoS attacks, as well as high-performance and scaled user plane support in 4G / 5G networks.

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