Redge Technologies and CloudFerro enter into agreement for cybersecurity

CloudFerro has implemented a Redge Guardian solution to protect its OpenStack cloud products and services against DDoS attacks.

CloudFerro has implemented a Redge Guardian solution to protect its OpenStack cloud products and services against DDoS attacks. The new safeguard allows CloudFerro’s platforms, such as CREODIAS and CODE-DE, to be secured from undesired massive DDoS attacks.

Redge Guardian is a carrier-grade software solution for highly efficient network traffic processing. The system protects against all types of volumetric attacks (DDoS), based on the constantly updated list of threats (so-called signatures). Its distinguishing feature is the ability to repel attacks much larger than those most commonly recorded today – in the order of hundreds of millions of packets per second on a single node. The efficiency of the solution allows neutralizing attempts at high intensity attacks, which is a response to the growing number of more and more serious incidents against cybersecurity.

Leading OpenStack cloud services provider, CloudFerro, is now able to provide DDoS protection for its products that are used by such clients as the European Space Agency or German DLR. The cloud provider offers increased protection to its business clients, which means that every point of the connection of CloudFerro’s network infrastructure with the Internet is protected by the Redge Guardian system.

– The implementation of the system in the CloudFerro network is a very important step for the development of the Redge Guardian product. We are glad that CloudFerro has decided on the solution developed in Poland. A significant competitive advantage of our product is very high efficiency and scalability, significantly exceeding the volume of attacks observed in Poland so far – states Przemysław Frasunek, board member of Redge Technologies.

– “Data safety is one of CloudFerro’s top priorities. We have been entrusted with the provision of cloud computing services integrated with satellite data repositories for major institutions in Europe. Our dedicated team of experts devise and implement data security procedures in line with the ‘security in depth’ concept throughout all the stages of the system design process. We adopt not only widely used security measures, but also those known for companies with the strictest requirements, such as multiple backups, different infrastructure locations or using only professional data center facilities, to name just a few. We do this to ensure the highest level of data security in every respect”– says Andrzej Stella-Sawicki, VP and Chief Operating Officer in CloudFerro.

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