Redge Media platform with new features

Redge Media has been upgraded with features such as CDN selector to support Multi-CDN scenarios, content syndication, improved session management, various playback speed on and more.

Redge Media has been upgraded with features such as CDN selector to support Multi-CDN scenarios, content syndication, improved session management, various playback speed on and more, all following the half-yearly roadmap.

At the video delivery (VDP) layer, Redge Media has launched CDN Selector, a SaaS solution for efficient traffic management across multiple CDNs. It enables a wide range of rule-based CDN selection criteria, including redirection based on ASN / IP addresses, HTTP headers or URL matching. The API allows information such as the current bandwidth or streaming quality of a particular CDN to be passed. These parameters can also be used by the selection algorithms. Furthermore, for each rule, it offers the capability to define time intervals when it is active. Management and configuration are done through a friendly, modern web-based user interface. CDN Selector provides precise control over your content delivery strategy and improves streaming performance.

At the service delivery (SDP) layer, content syndication now allows video content to be showcased on external platforms. This feature allows the material to be seamlessly embedded into 3rd party websites, resulting in detailed views of the content, extending its reach and visibility.

The player age rating feature ensures compliance with global legal standards and offers customization for diverse requirements worldwide. This empowers platform owners to comply with varying age rating regulations while enhancing content safety through advisor icons. These icons provide visual cues (pictograms) for content with themes that may be inappropriate for younger audiences.

Playback speed has been introduced for the mobile player allow users to choose the playback speeds according to their needs. Content speed options can be set and configured by CMS operators for maximum flexibility.

The next phase of the rollout of the microservices architecture and the decoupling of components has been completed. Session management, which enables the enforcement of business rules such as limiting the number of concurrent sessions and devices for a user’s account, is now implemented by a new component that runs in a multitenant model. This change makes the platform more suitable for public cloud deployments and more resilient to extreme loads. The same architecture was used for the Redge Media Tracking component, which acts as a data lake and stores analytical data related to end-user application usage and video playback quality of experience (QoE).

As part of the SDP Service Management Dashboard, significant improvements have been made to the tenant configuration process, making it simpler and easier to use. This makes the Redge Media platform even better for multi-tenant deployments.

“Redge Media’s new roadmap reflects our customer-centric approach to product development. Combining customer feedback with our industry expertise, we have enhanced our SDP platform to extend the reach and visibility of video content and improve scalability and control” – states Radosław Józwik, Service Delivery Platform Product Director.

“Redge Media’s CDN is trusted by top broadcasters and telcos in CEE and MENA, demonstrating its ability to handle high-volume, flexible CDN traffic for both linear and non-linear video delivery. Thanks to the CDN selector, we are able to handle Multi-CDN scenarios. That marks our technical excellence and flexible approach” –  comments Wojtek Turak, Video Delivery Platform Product Director.

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Redge Media Origin upgrade for HbbTV


Redge Media Origin has been upgraded to support HbbTV devices. The upgrade enabled video playback on TV-sets within HbbTV applications, both for unencrypted and for DRM content.

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