Redge Technologies extends the contract with TVN Warner Bros. Discovery

Redge Technologies has extended its contract with TVN Warner Bros. Discovery. has been operating on the Redge Media platform as an end-to-end deployment since 2017.

Redge Technologies has extended its contract with TVN Warner Bros. Discovery for the licensing of the Redge Media SDP platform and the provision of Redge Media VDP services. has been operating on the Redge Media platform as an end-to-end deployment since 2017. is the largest and most popular VOD service in Poland. According to the Mediapanel, it is used by 4 million users per month. Player provides access to unique content: Player Original series, movies, entertainment programs, documentaries, exclusive cultural events, fairy tales for children, sports, news or live channels.

The Redge Media SDP platform is a comprehensive OTT platform offered in the white label model. It consists of DAM (digital asset management), CMS (content management system)  and applications for a wide range of end platforms – Connected TVs, game consoles and mobile devices. A special feature of Redge Media SDP is its readiness to implement in a public cloud environment, which allows for unrivaled stability and scalability of the solution.

Redge Media VDP is a public cloud dedicated to video content providers. The range of services offered includes storage, transcoding, securing and distribution of multimedia content. One of the elements of Redge Media VDP is a class system CDN (content delivery network), offering multi-terabit capacity and access to the networks of the most important telecommunications operators in the European region. Redge Media VDP services, thanks to the architecture based on edge computing, are prepared to implement complex business scenarios, including DAI (dynamic ad insertion), i.e. injecting personalized advertisements into multimedia content, also in the HbbTV environment.

– We provide services to a numerous end users, so the stability and quality of UX are the most important criteria that guide us when selecting technology partners. The Redge Media platform is the essence of technological excellence in the OTT area. – states Maciej Gozdowski, managing director of Player

– Our cooperation with TVN started in 2011, and the broadcaster’s DNA has always been close to us. Together, we have created the largest VOD platform in Poland. The best content deserves the best technology and UX. – states Przemysław Frasunek, member of the board at Redge Technologies.

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Redge Media CDN expands to Czechia


Czechia is the next country in Europe where Redge Media CDN deploys its presence. The investment elevates the position of Redge Media on the CDN-as-a-service market in Czechia, Slovakia, Austria and southern Germany.

Redge Media Cloud DRM launched


Redge Media Cloud DRM is an instant, self-cared, scalable, enterprise-grade solution for media companies wanting to secure video delivery with a Multi-DRM solution.

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