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Our values

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We know how to be a partner even in the most difficult projects.

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Experience allows us to thoroughly understand how things work.

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We are perfectionists. We care about professionalism and the quality of delivered solutions.

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We think boldly, act boldly, and set standards for others.

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We are constantly looking for new solutions.

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We are able to adapt technology to the needs of clients. We understand the needs of business, not just technology.

Our team

Redge Family

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We have three product departments that deal with OTT frontend, OTT backend and cybersecurity.

An independent R&D department is responsible for working on new products.

Implementation and support teams supervise the implementation of technology on the client’s side.

In everyday operation, a significant role is also played by: sales, marketing, HR, legal, accounting and IT support departments.

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Redge Technologies Group

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Vestigit specializes in securing premium video content in OTT using an advanced AI-based watermarking engine. OTT Watermarking is part of the Redge Media Security ecosystem, which integrates Vestigit’s AI-powered A/B content watermarking engine – Vestigium AI.

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mediaTool has developed – a SaaS solution for the efficient management of TV channel broadcasting. It automates content management and scheduling for traditional linear content and FAST channels.

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We know how to adapt technology to market requirements. That is why we listen carefully to what we can help with.

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